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5 injuries that may occur in car wrecks

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car crash is a serious event, especially if you suffer a severe injury. Many factors impact what type of injuries you may face. The vehicle’s speed, the kind of impact, your location and seatbelt usage are some of these.

Certain injuries are more likely than others to occur when you’re involved in a crash. Knowing a bit about these injuries may help you spot their signs so you can seek medical care.

1: Broken bones

Fractured bones can occur due to the impact of the crash. These are usually in the limbs. Typically, you will feel considerable pain in the location of the break, but that might be muted at the time of the crash due to adrenaline. In some breaks, you may see the bone poke through the skin.

2: Head injuries

Head injuries are common after a car wreck. While they can occur if you hit your head, that’s unnecessary for an injury. The force of the crash may cause the skull to strike the interior of the skull, which can lead to injury. Symptoms, including a persistent headache, may appear immediately, but they might be delayed by days or weeks.

3: Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is possible, especially in the abdomen. This is sometimes due to the force that the seatbelt puts on the abdomen during the wreck. You may notice severe abdominal pain or black, tarry bowel movements. Internal bleeding is always a medical emergency.

4: Spinal cord injuries

Damage to the spinal cord is possible at the time of impact. Symptoms, including back pain, usually manifest right away. In some cases, the damage may cause numbness and inability to move certain body parts.

5: Traumatic amputations

A traumatic amputation occurs when a body part is severed in the accident. This can be a complete amputation, which means there aren’t any tissues connecting the severed part and the body. In a partial amputation, some tissues remain.

Seeking compensation after a car crash is possible when another person is liable for the collision. Strict time limits apply for personal injury cases, so filing the matter quickly is imperative.