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Car crashes can cost more for oil and gas or blue-collar workers

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many ways for a Texas car crash to affect someone’s job. Obviously, someone involved in a collision on their way to work is likely to show up late or miss a shift at the very least. If the crash leaves them with injuries, the impact the incident has on their career could be much more significant.

Any workers might experience career setbacks because of a major injury caused by a collision, but some professionals have an elevated degree of risk of job consequences. Professionals in the oil and gas industry or other blue-collar professions may find that a collision is ultimately far more damaging for their professional prospects and their finances than it would be for someone in a white-collar profession.

Why are crashes often more expensive for blue-collar workers?

Injuries may prevent victims from working

Those in white-collar professions can usually continue working even when they have relatively significant injuries. Someone can work around a broken clavicle or a mild to moderate brain injury with certain accommodations from their employer if they work at a desk.

When someone has to use their body consistently throughout their shift at work, it could be far more difficult for them to continue working until they fully heal. In some cases, they may be at risk of needing to retire early or change professions because of their injuries. Not all businesses can easily accommodate workers with medical restrictions. Workers may find that they miss more work overall because of a blue-collar career than those in sedentary professions with similar injuries.

They may earn more than other professionals

Blue-collar careers aren’t just more physically demanding than other professions. Some also often provide more generous wages. Therefore, someone with this significant injury from a car crash could find that they lose tens of thousands of dollars in income during their convalescence or even more than that if they must retire early or move to a different profession.

Given the low requirements for bodily injury insurance coverage, a blue-collar worker hurt in a collision might not be able to secure full compensation for lost wages from an insurance settlement. In some cases, it may be necessary for injured blue-collar workers to file a lawsuit after a major Texas car wreck.

Ultimately, recognizing how personal characteristics, like one’s career, can amplify the impact of a car crash may benefit those seeking an accurate and full valuation of the compensation they’re owed after a recent collision.